Will P&A be able to help me?

Contact us if you:

1.  Live in South Carolina or

2.  Have a disability issue in South Carolina

If you live in another state, click here to contact the Protection and Advocacy office in your state.

If you feel there has been disability discrimination or that a disability right or service has been improperly denied, call P&A at:

1-866-275-7273 (Voice)

1-866-232-4525 (TTY)

A P&A advocate will provide you with information and resources that will better equip you for self-advocacy.

The P&A advocate will also discuss with you whether P&A will be able to take your issue for case representation.    Due to limited resources, P&A sets goals each year about the issues we can accept as cases.  Click here to view the current goals.

P&A does not charge for services.