• The State Inspector General (SIG) has released a report “Review of the Community Residential Care Facilities Program, Department of Health and Environmental Control” on the Department of Health and Environmental Control’s oversight of Community Residential Care Facilities (CRCFs).    There are 471 CRCFs serving 17,000 people across the state; the report focuses on small facilities with [...]
  • 2014-2015 Team Advocacy Annual Report For information about Community Residential Care Facilities and P&A’s Team Advocacy Project click here. Abbeville County Harmony House Residential Care (Calhoun Falls) 6-3-15 Quiet Acres Retirement Home (Hodges) 10-25-13 Aiken County Village Inn Community Care Home (Graniteville) 4-18-16 We Care Residential (Aiken) 2-25-16 Generations of Monetta (Monetta) 4-20-15 Allendale County [...]
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  • Thousands of poor South Carolinians with disabilities continue to live in grossly inadequate conditions in community residential care facilities (CRCFs) across the state. April 9, 2013 Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc. (P&A) released Still...No Place to Call Home, an update of its 2009 report, No Place to Call Home. The new report documents conditions at 14 CRCFs across the state. The report's findings reveal continued lack of oversight of facilities that are dirty, provide inadequate food, do not administer medications correctly, violate residents' rights, and do not provide protection from potential harm.
    You may also view the report's cover letter HERE.

  • Right to Vote – P&A Report –2015
  • Earlier this year P&A co-sponsored its second highly successful two-day conference about the transition rights of students with disabilities as they prepare to leave high school.  After the conference, P&A attorney Pete Cantrell and P&A advocate Lynne Bosma discussed school transition rights with LRP Publications, a national special education law resource.    On May 2, 2015, [...]
  • Circuit Court Judge Michael Baxley ruled on January 8, 2014, that the S.C. Department of Corrections mental health program is “inherently flawed and systemically deficient in all major areas,” and prison officials should address the constitutional deficiencies and provide more humane treatment of prison inmates with serious mental health illnesses.  Order Granting Judgment in Favor [...]