• Right to Vote – P&A Report –2015
  • On January 12, 2015, after months of successful mediation, the parties reached a preliminary agreement on a plan that establishes benchmarks for settling the case.  The agreement anticipates the implementation and executive and legislative funding of a 3-year budget, staffing and facilities plan. The parties are working together to complete revisions of the Department of [...]
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  • 2013-2014 Team Advocacy Annual Report For information about Community Residential Care Facilities and P&A’s Team Advocacy Project click here. Abbeville County Quiet Acres Retirement Home (Hodges) 10-25-13 Aiken County Generations of Monetta (Monetta) 4-20-15 Allendale County C&S Assisted Living (Allendale) 9-25-13 Anderson County Resting Place #1 (Anderson) 7-16-14 Village Community Care Home – Unit A [...]
  • Thousands of poor South Carolinians with disabilities continue to live in grossly inadequate conditions in community residential care facilities (CRCFs) across the state. April 9, 2013 Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc. (P&A) released Still...No Place to Call Home, an update of its 2009 report, No Place to Call Home. The new report documents conditions at 14 CRCFs across the state. The report's findings reveal continued lack of oversight of facilities that are dirty, provide inadequate food, do not administer medications correctly, violate residents' rights, and do not provide protection from potential harm.
    You may also view the report's cover letter HERE.